1. laura says

    to quote rosie o.”you’re my goal weight.” you must have lost alot already. you look great. the pimple, another story. the good news is that pimples go away. good luck with both!

  2. jan says

    Jenny, I think you are beautiful no matter what size you are. Congrats on sticking with WW. I can’t wait to see how great you look. Not asking your weight but how many lbs. do you want to loose? Doesn’t look like you need to loose a lot. Best Wishes.

  3. chris says

    don’t be hard on yourself. you look great. be proud. anyway, just a thought. you are very pretty and i love you with long hair but, did ya ever think of chopping it all off, something with your hair parted on the side, sleek, chin lenghth? really, you would look so hot. i had long hair. my kids kept pulling it out, couldn’t take care or it, got pissed, chopped it off. now i used my hair as a security blanket. the minute i chopped it off, i was told i look much younger, did you lose weight and it is way easy to maintain (plus sex is better, doesn’t get in the way). and i feel more freeeeee. great closet, great hair.

  4. Jules says

    Jennifer, you look amazing! I can totally tell that you lost weight over the past several months. Don’t get the Zeno. My friend used it and it burned her skin. I use tea tree oil and it totally helps. I have it in a roll on stick that makes it so easy to apply with no mess. I even use it as a preventive measure where I break out the most and it totally keeps my skin clear and if I do get a pimple, it clears it so fast. This is coming from someone who’s suffered from acne forever and has tried everything.

  5. Molly says

    Neosporin. Gets rid of the bacteria while it heals. Works faster than any of the stuff for zits when it comes to the big boil ones.

  6. Mykull says

    It looks painful, give it time and don’t play with it!! It’ll heal….
    By the way I listen to the show a lot, where did Emily disapper to, I don’t recall anyone ever saying?

  7. Mary in Maryland says

    You are ADORABLE! I love your laugh… And for the record, I don’t see anything that needs changing. Good luck and stay sweet.

  8. Amie says

    You are so funny.. that was a very sweet video blog, honest and real (perfect)… How tall are you? It is hard to tell perspective on video when you are alone… I think you look great, and will continue to only get better! Great work on Friday’s Martha show! It was my favorite appearance yet.
    PS I am the WORST picker, so I won’t tell you anything as I am just a bad if not worse

  9. Lisa says

    You look great, you must be close to your goal already, and remember, skinny chicks are like falling into bed with a pile of coat hangers. That’s what my husband says. I’m more of the quilted satin hanger style after 2 kids, myself. As for the zit, try something call ZAPZIT, I ordered it over the internet. It works great on the “undergrounders”, but don’t use it too many nights in a row, it will burn a hole through your face. At 35, I thought the skin problems were behind me, but once in a while I go through puberty all over again.

    Love the show,
    Lisa in Wisconsin

  10. Cheryl to VOICE of EUROPE says

    Nothing I love more than the bourgeois dropping of this or that humanitarian issue to validate a weak argument. “there are people starving…women being sold as slaves” You want brutal honesty, Voice of Europe? Don’t congratulate yourself for aknowledging an emotionally fueled humanitarian issue in an illogical attempt to lend credibility to your inadequate argument. What am i doing about the issues, you ask? I’m selling your drug addicted mother’s pussy to raise money to send to Darfur! It makes me feel sooooo good about myself! Love ya Jenny!

  11. Mary in Maryland to Cheryl says

    I love the way you express yourself! Very intelligently with just a hint of sarcasm. Keep up the good work.

  12. leo to Cheryl says

    Cheryl, keep typing, maybe someday you’ll randomly type something semi-intelligent. In the mean time, please refrain from making light of the situation in Darfur. Thank-you.

  13. Les says

    Period woes – I feel your pain! I am 37, super-healthy and at my goal weight, yet this month I had a week-long bout with PMS, intense bloating, a late period, and tons of horrible zits! Bring on the menopause…

    Good luck with WW!

  14. designer*emilie says

    For the next video update—>you should have had a lighter background-because you are wearing dark clothes & standing in front of dark clothes, it made it difficult to see.

  15. voice of europe says

    Just back from a faithless concert -Fear is a weapon of mass destruction. just fantastic!! Now,dear cheryl i must congratulate you on your very intelligent reply. it is ofcourse better argumentated than the propositional calculus i gave you

  16. Tedde - Julie says

    Jennifer…you are NOT FAT!!! You look good. I think you need to start wearing more fitted outfits, the baggy stuff is what makes one bigger then they are. Great job with the WW XOXO Julie

  17. Bostondude says

    Your beautiful ! both of you ! zits suck but hey it could be worse( at least thats what I say when one takes up residense on my face …you girls are awsome !

  18. Grandmajo says

    Zits aside! Get Paulie out of the basement. Lots of times people wish they could change their lives. But they talk themselves out doing what is necessary to make the change. Get him a place and decorate it for him. It will change his life and you’ll feel great for doing it. It will be a good example for all the basement dwellers who listen to talk radio. Jo

  19. J says

    You were right to give away that gold purse, it pretty much did suck. Why did you buy it in the first place? Your color is not gold. Copper maybe with your hair coloring, green, dark blues, and so on but never gold. Love to watch you and Alexis bicker, you guy’s are good together. Debie Travis, Baytown, Texas.

  20. Stef says

    Oxycute the pimple… Oxy always works the night before you go to bed.. it’s like a nice chemical burn.. and at least it’s kinda on the underside of your chin.

    Those shoes are not shoes.. they’re wedge slippers..

    And the arms.. :) You know, I’ve seen some big girls with skinny arms.. I have big arms and I’m about your size.. which is not fat, but not skinny.. my kids call me squishable.. great.. tsss. But I think big arms on a not so big girl must mean you’re some kind of bad ass.. I’d hate to see you arm wrestle.. someone might get injured 😉

    Thanks for being you.. It’s like looking in a mirror.. :)

  21. Taryn inFla says

    Jen – you look fantastic! I’m totally jealous of your hair – you’ve got great locks. Don’t fret about the zit – that’s what good foundation is for. Isn’t is so crappy to get zits in your 30’s? I still feel like a teen when it happens to me!

  22. big pete says

    Jennifer…you look fuckin awesome!!!!You have nothing to be ashamed about.I would love to moleste every inch of your pink little body but I will leave that to kiethie….I love the show!!!

  23. Judysummerly from LA says

    Jennifer , you are soooooooooo pretty!
    Adn funny, talented, smart….
    Why are you on WW.? Do you want to be perfect?
    You are already!:)

  24. sheila says

    paulie is great for the show, I do think he should get out of his parent’s home. How can you grow up when someone (as in Mother is always making your life easy) Also Jennifer who in the hell is Cheryl, did it go off its medication/ or is she or he have a weekend pass from the hospital. Great Shows love listening.

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