my @todayshow appearance was crazy fun! and a new tales from the treadmill video! ahhh.

the today show 11.23.12 FUN!

I had the best time today on the TODAY show.

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I do love my treadmill
and making my tales from the treadmill videos.
Here is my most recent one!

as usual, thank you for your questions.

ps: don’t forget to watch and please share the twinkie video!!



  1. Judy says

    there are days I just don’t have time to exercise 30 min. but I will get on the machine for 5 min. and then maybe do that a few times during the day when I can grab 5 min. here and there. Do you think that is useless or anytime you are moving is a good thing?

    • says

      Any time you can move it is worth it!!! Do 5 minute spurts 6 times a day and voila! 30 min! Sometimes ill just get up from my desk at work and walk around for 3min… Will try to do this once an hour (on a good day!) it adds up!

  2. Lesley T. says

    Jenny, that was an awesome segment! You looked fantastic and like you were having a lot of fun.

    And Tamron is gorgeous–really, she’s flawless. It’s not fair.

  3. Nora Kuhn says

    As always, you really sucked the life out of the segment.

    Somewhere Alexis was watching and laughing her ass off and thanking God she’s punted you and her friendship….

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