Public Apology and a couple more books…

This morning while I was showering at my brother and sister in law’s apartment after my soul cycle class in NYC (Laurie Cole’s class was INCREDIBLE ahhhh)… I realized that I forgot to include my sister in law Amy Koppelman’s books in my book recommendations post.

I am sorry Amy.
I should have included your books (they are on the list now).

It is far too easy sometimes to forget when someone close to us has done something remarkable- like write and publish two awesomely heartbreaking beautifully written thought provoking books.
Amy’s books, “A Mouthful of Air” and “I Smile Back” will make you feel really uneasy and may make you cry.
You may even see a part of yourself in her characters- a part you might not want to face.

Amy didn’t tell me I left her off the list. She’s far too shy! But I realize I did. Her books should be there. Glad they are now!



  1. says

    hi jenny. i have to say i rarely feel my age but seeing you as a grown up success really makes me feel it. to give you perspective i was a year ahead of your brother at friends. i remember you as a little girl with a big smile. nice to see that you still have that big smile.
    happy new year to you and your family.
    now time to check out your sister-in-law’s books!

  2. Nathaniel says

    A fan from way back, so I thought I would ask on this forum: what happened to martha stewart radio? It seems to have disappeared. Hoping that since you areon the Sirius XM side, you may have the scoop. Thx.

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