1. Julie Roffman says

    I am so sorry for your loss. My dad passed away 8 years ago at 59 from prostate cancer. Bottom line it just sucks and life is not fair.. I love the picture you posted of your mom, she was beautiful. I know your mom is watching from above and is so proud of you.

    • says

      I am 57 and dyed my hair (what possessed me?) only one time for my wniddeg at 38. I love my grey hair and cannot imagine it any other way. It makes me laugh, but people often comment that they admire my “courage” to be grey. If only the norm was to age naturally we would all feel more alike and accept our humanity.I LOVE your blog. Thank you for honoring such beautiful people.

  2. Sandy Swearingen says

    Hi Jenny…I am a mom of three precious, productive, loving human beings. I am 70. Believe me, I would be proud to be your mother! You are beautiful, talented, smart, honest, and accomplished! Besides that, you are a great mom. Let me say to you on your mom’s birthday: SHE IS PROUD OF YOU WHEREVER SHE IS!! You are a gift and we all thank her for raising a lovely young woman who is contributing in a big way!

  3. Leslie J. says

    Hi Jenny –

    I’m lucky I have my mom who will be 72 this year, but she lost her mother when she was 30 and when I was 7 months old. She stills struggles with the loss to this day and feels she was cheated. It breaks my heart for her. It just isn’t fair is it? Just as I know my mom’s mom is very proud of her and her family, I know your mom is so happy and proud of you and yours as well. Thanks for sharing with us and keep being awesome!

    Take care –

  4. judy says

    Just started watching you on Dr.Drew this week and you are so down to earth and just a total “natural”. My next car will definetly have a sirius radio in it and I will continue to look for you on TV. You are just too cool. Where have I been? To me, you are up there with Nancy Grace, Your mom was so young, I am 68 and I still have my mom, she is 85.

    • says

      hi judy! THANK YOU! i loved being on dr. drew’s show… he’s amazing and so generous as a host. glad you liked my being there! and so happy you have your mom- give her lots of kisses!

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