1. Michelle Steele says

    Have you ever read any of the Martha Stewart books such as Just Desserts or Martha, Inc?

    Are there any books about your scandals like when you wore your Hollywood bedazzled jacket, etc..? I would love to read more books by you or Alexis. There are so many topics you could write about, including your time with Alexis. There is definitely a juicy book in there somewhere.

    • says

      sorry took time to reply. im not the “tell all” book writing type.. plus there isnt much to tell. i think what people make up in their heads is probably way more exciting. i have not read the “just desserts” books.. re my hollywood jacket- i may one day write another book that will include stuff like the hollywood jacket- but i am not there yet!

  2. Julie Levin says

    Hi Jenny,
    I used to listen every day, here in San Diego. I am sooooo bummed they swithced your time, I can’t listen to your show at 6 am! I hope to be able to listen some other way!

  3. Tara says

    I hope Im still alive In July after I get back from Mexico ..If I make it back to Denver after my plane rides I will email and celebrate it! lol

  4. Michelle Steele says

    Thanks for the reply. I am a talent scout that matches projects with people and vice-versa. My thoughts after reading WLand was that both of you have a future in writing. The challenging part is finding the right topic niche that allows your talents to shine, and to fill that niche with something new and fresh.

    Mixing a lifestyle/ self-help/ juicy celebrity stories with the names changed to protect the guilty type-of-book would be a possible niche for you. With your upbringing there must be so many funny stories to tell without offending anyone.

    My only (unsolicited) advice is to get a competent editor. There were times in WLand that there needed to be chunks of text removed from some of your entries that slowed down the flow of the book.

    Personally I found the book rather good and original. It was just too short. I love how Wiley packaged it and the cover size was perfect. Franky, Alexis has soooo much potential in writing that I am afraid she will never put to future use. She could even write fiction and it would sell. Same with you, but I know you will put yours to good use, especially with sincere positive reinforcement. Maybe just get a cheap Apple with Word and use it strictly for writing projects.

    Hope you realize your hidden talents and at least not let them wither before it’s too late. You seem a perfect candidate for a life coach or project manager to help fulfill your future dreams and endeavours.

  5. Barbie Girl says

    Hi Jenny Jenny….I heard an announcement that you were changing your time but couldn’t find it. I will listen now…I’ll leave my radio on at night, put it on pause which is 1 1/2 hours & when I get in my car at 7:15 am I will be able to catch the replay. what do you think about the whole Martha channel being obsolete??? Karma is a bitch, huh??? Miss listening to you so much. Look for you every time I go to Eddie’s Pizza!!! LOL

  6. Karen says

    Jennifer, I am a long time Dr. Drew fan and now a Jennifer Hutt fan also! I have really enjoyed watching you on his show. You are so refreshing and real. I love watching your facial expressions; they always express exactly what I am thinking! It is nice to see someone not trying to be so “professional” (not that you are not professional) and unaffected by what is going on around them.
    I am not much of a radio person, so I don’t have Sirius radio, but I will be checking into it now. I would love to see more of you on Dr. Drew; y’all balance each other out perfectly!
    Birmingham, Alabama

    • says

      Thanks so much! I adore Dr. Drew. He’s been so kind to me. I love doing his show! Glad you’re enjoying my time there. One more night this time around…

  7. says

    Jenny, you’re HILARIOUS and fun to watch on Dr. Drew while following all this crazy Jodi mess. You don’t have a Twitter or Facebook fan page, or is it just that my stalking skills suck and I’m not looking hard enough? :)


  8. Amanda Goldberg says

    Hi Jenny,
    Your show came on when I got in the car this morning and I decided to try to be caller 100. I can’t believe I actually got through and won the book!
    I often listened to you at 1 and I will try to keep following you in the new time slot — but it’s tough since you’re opposite Howard’s live show.
    I also wanted to tell you that my Mom died a year and a half ago of pancreatic cancer and I think you and I feel very similarly about that disgusting disease. I also have a 12 year old daughter who is having her Bat Mitzvah in April. We seem to have quite a bit in common and that’s why I like your show. Although I disagree with you a lot too.
    Thanks for being there for us!

    • says

      glad you won!!! mazeltov ahead of time.. and ugh re your mom. so horrible. and im sad for you that you went through same thing. be sure to get tested 10 years prior to your mom’s age at diagnosis…(this is what ive been told to do).
      Listen to me on demand or when howard is dark. all ok with me! xo

  9. says

    Just thought you might want to take a look at my sisters new magazine that she published. This is a great magazine for the women out there that believe in themselves.
    Hope you enjoy!

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