What an exciting week it was!

total traffic networkI LOVED cohosting @drdrew ‘s show on HLN this past week.  He was beyond kind and warm towards me.
It was incredibly fun and pretty much like a dream.
Glad so many of you got to watch.
And Im still emotional from the support I felt from EVERYONE! THANK YOU!

This Jodi Arias case is insane- my lawyer’s brain was definitely engaged!

Also thanks to @totaltraffic network  in CA! Allowing me to use your (CLEAN!!!!) studio made me able to broadcast my Just Jenny radio show live.  Terry and Dona you rock,.

I also got to shoot (and hang, soul cycle & treadmill with ) @rickilake – she is such a good friend and lovely girl.
Looking forward to seeing what her next project will be…
What a week!
Happy to be home
AND it’s a snowday.
#forcedtorelax #happytorelax


  1. Cathy Rose says

    I don’t know why Drew feels the need for “kewpie-doll-cutesy” co-hosts, but it’s so irritating. I was surprised at the inane, naive comments you made and especially the anal sex fixation. Do you live in a cocoon? Are you aware that it’s become a problem with girls on college campuses? They’re going to the clinics with anal fissures and tears — it seems they’re getting drunk on weekends and letting the guys talk them into it. And what was with the sex-kitten routine — the hair in the face, the “glasses” role-playing? I hate to see grown, supposedly “mature” women acting like little girls with a crush! Embarrassing behavior, Jenny…

      • Lori says

        I watched Dr Drew each night that you were on.I thought you were great! not cutesy not kewpie doll, but smart and interesting. Why does everything and everyone have to be dry and serious. You were “Just Jenny” . Exactly who you are. And I also don’t think it’s silly to say you looked beautiful.

      • heather says

        I just wanted to say I watched Dr, Drew because you were on the show and because you brought such meaning to the show and your passion on topics covered — I am going to miss you on the show terribly — Youre a beautiful woman Jenny don’t ever let anyone make you feel different ,,

    • says

      I agree 100% Jenny, you are obsessed with your weight and looks. How can this be helpful to all these women and young girls who have major issues. All you do is talk about yourself. You have such an inflated ego lately….

      • Lori says

        When you lose weight especially a lot of weight most people become a little obsessed. Whether it’s 10lbs or 100 lbs losing weight is very difficult. If you don’t think about it all the time it’s so easy to gain it back. It’s not because of ego. it’s because it’s something you have to deal with every single day. Poor health due to weight is a terrible problem in this country.
        I think honest discussions about weight or sex or anything else helps women.Its helpful to know that you’re not alone.

          • says

            I disagree, but again you have your well wishers and are unable to take a little criticism. Unless someone agrees with YOU 100% they are wrong. It’s so you Jenny, and your last comment highlights this.
            I think its great that you lost all that weight, but still, your ego has grown along with the loss. The loss of weight went to your head.

      • Rich says

        The show is called “Just Jenny “and Jenny has always wanted to be fit and healthy. Jenny also has been on a long journey to achieve this. I am inspired by her hard work to achieve her goals. It makes me wonder what kind of person you are jeorgee? Success is inspiration. Jenny is the same woman she always was. She was beautiful obese and is beautiful in the new improved thinner version? I think your envious and probably unhappy about yourself. Jenny is not perfect by any means, but she has been productive journey to get this far. What is wrong with trying to look or feel better? Instead of sitting at your computer with that ham sandwich, why don’t you CALL HER SHOW and discuss YOUR issues. I’m confident in her ability to assist you with them. She’s always there M-F 9am ET Sirius 107

      • Ken says

        Well, Jeorgee, (A vain, pretentious, AND odd spelling to be sure!)
        For someone who has a 2 page blog post about how people (you include yourself I believe) shouldn’t fool themselves about their weight, I have to wonder why no pics of the new, svelt you on there?? It would seem that YOU have an obsession with your own importance, PLUS an inflated ego, i.e., who the hell cares how YOUR day went. Instead of worrying about other people at the gym, why don’t you just concentrate on improving yourself? (Like learning to spell, or at least how to drive a spell checker!) As a very stupid woman once said, “That’s all there is to it.”

    • Meg says

      Oh my gosh what is wrong with Cathy Rose, jealousy or what???? What a complete idiot!!! Dr. Drew is awesome and has a good show and Jenny has done a great job. Don’t listen to stupid remarks like that person who has nothing better to do than go on sites and bash people. Rock on Jenny!!!

  2. Rich says

    LOL, Who would have thought way back when that Jenny Hutt would be called “kewpie-doll-cutsey”. There was no anal sex fixation by you! Cathy Rose is an idiot. The only places that women (or men) are going to college clinics for these “problems” are on CHRISTIAN campuses where they don’t provide sexual freedom or education. Lubrication is available in ANY drug store. If they are getting that drunk, anal sex is the least of their problems. YOU, “living in a cocoon”? LOL She obviously doesn’t know a thing about you or your show. I doubt she has half your education and certainly knows nothing about your life experiences. You are a mature beautiful woman who most likely is laughing your ass off at this anonymous cretin. Your appearances were great and you looked beautiful. There is NOTHING for you to be embarrassed about. On the plus side she called you a “sex kitten” LMAO. Perhaps you are, but only Keith(@fitdadkeith) would know. I wonder what sort of troll she sleeps with @ night? Looking forward to seeing much more of your work on television. XO

  3. Rhonda M. says

    Hey Jenny!! LOVED you on Dr. Drew this week!! You were just adorable! I have to admit I didn’t even know Dr. Drew had a show and I didn’t know what the HLN network was until I heard you talking about it on your show ……so I know his ratings must have gone up at least a little! :) You totally ROCKED it! Makes me think there are TV plans in your future!

  4. Linda Salter says

    Jenny, you have come such a long way since your days on the radio show with Alexis Stewart! Go girl..love your spirit and your attitude! Still listen to you on Sirius & love your show!

  5. Phil says

    Wow, Jenny!

    I just finished watching all the shows, marathon style. You were outstanding! From the first show you were engaging, intelligent, and like-able. And from there, you just got more and more comfortable.

    You really do show your versatility when you can step into so many disparate roles, and fit right in.

    Somebody is going to put you back on television full time again, and they are going to be delighted in your performance. And so will we, your fans. :)

    You rocked it!

  6. Nancy Raine Smego says

    Jenny! You were the main reason I tuned in this week! I’ve been following this case and I love Dr. Drew, but having you there made it all the better! You were fantastic. You looked great and you added such a nice lift to the show with your usual down to earth personality Love you always!


  7. Michelle Steele says

    JHutt’s personality change is exactly why Alexis left her. Her ego problems have always been there. But when you lose weight the true you comes out and sometimes that person is not always better. Watching JH in action is a lesson in psychiatry. Most libs surround themselves with yes-people and as you can see, it’s all JH can handle. Any less than yes, and you are a troll. So sad, but it’s Jenny the Hutt…anal warts and all.

      • Carley says


        Thank you for being you!

        I look forward to listening to your radio show whenever possible, and getting to watch you on Dr. Drew this last week was an added bonus!

        As a young woman, I find your openness and honesty inspiring, DO NOT change a thing! Anytime you begin reading a nasty post… stop yourself and just say… “No thanks, No time!”

        Cheers to a great week of shows, looking forward to listening in :)

    • Nancy Raine Smego says

      Ha is right. Unbelievable. Why are you even on this website if you’re not a fan? Go get a life!

  8. Michelle Steele says

    Oopsies sorry. ‘Yes women” only. One can only imagine how Jenny got this way. The power of the Bedazzler has gone to your head.

  9. Keith says

    I am very surprised at the negative comments! Jenny, I believe that you bring a great perspective to the Dr. Drew show. Since you have been on his show, I have watched more often. I think your radio talk show experience along with being a lawyer makes you a definite asset to the Dr. Drew show. I really like the shows where there are fewer co-hosts. I want to hear your views on the topics. When there are too many others on, it is hard seems difficult for everyone to voice their opinions. Great job Jenny, keep up the good work, and don’t take the negative comments to heart. :)

  10. Lori says

    I just have to tell you I’m obsessed with your hair color, it’s so beautiful! You looked beautiful on Dr. Drew and I really enjoyed watching it.

  11. Sandy Kepplemaer says


    The clip on bangs/fake fringes look AWFUL!!! Comb your hair back, you’re no Jessica Biel.

  12. dwyane says

    I lov your input on the jodi arais trial…there’s been a case that really upsets me..what is your opinion on how adam kauffman got away with murder?

  13. JustSaying says

    First, it’s interesting how petty and emotional people get about this random person none of us have actually met.
    Next, said with no negativity at all – I’d look like a complete idiot ‘co-hosting a TV show – I do wish you’d steer away from the hair with the poofy tease meets the too-young bangs back in a barrette thing. You’re very pretty, but that hairstyle gives you the appearance of being silly.
    Good luck in dealing with these jokers – if nothing else, you asked for this and that takes some backbone for sure.

      • bonnie says

        Thanks Jenny…I called and ordered one in silver ….. I had a fun chat with Robin …..when I come to N.Y. to visit my son…I’m going to find Robin and sip some of his tequila ! lol ……Thanks again X

  14. Charlene says

    You are nice to look at and listen to when you are not acting so naïve and looking like you just can’t believe what is being said. What really bugs me though is why you have to use your hands to talk…especially with that hideous dark nail polish. So bad….

  15. Jennifer Sterling says

    I was looking for pics of your fabulous hair that I see on Dr. Drew to try to bring to my hairdresser. Mine is close..I came across this site. First of all I cannot believe that these bashing comments are even on your site. Well I guess the miserable loser mentality ones will always feel the need to tear down the happy and fabulous. I always try to explain that it is not easy being fabulous but they just don’t understand…What can you do!I am always in agreement with everything you say especially when it comes to teen girls. Might I say my girls are smart, cool, happy, kind and totally free to be you and me since they were born and turned out what Im sure most moms would hope for. All I hoped for for was for them to be healthy, happy, peaceful, respectful, fun and love what they do and only hang with people that adore them.Your perspective is so much like mine. I shake my head just like you when I am hearing people who are so out of touch talk about teens and I crack up at the so called professionals who think teen girls should not dress at Victoria Secret because why again??? Oh yea the book said so hmm.The parents are the beat with all of their rules and regs and have no clue what their perfect little angels are actually doing. These are awesome girls that their paranoid non trusting parents have turned in to drunks not just kids who party and I have told my girls that if I had their moms creeping on my phones, tapping and tracing their cars, making them call from a home phone not their cell when they get to a friends house because they don’t trust them or have to control them I would be doing ten shots at a time too. They make good normal girls turn in to bad liars because their moms don’t listen to them and close off all lines of communication. One mom told me the other day that she and her daughter fight so much because she wont realize the mother knows so much more. I told her no you don’t. She said I was 18 once. I said but you are not 18 now maybe instead of trying to control your daughter let her teach you something and stop and enjoy watching her move into womanhood, its a beautiful thing. Her daughter found me later and gave me a huge thank you and hug.So many times I am shaking my head watching the panel on Dr. Drew and then thank g-d you chime in with reality, Love it!!You are the best!!

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