Fun times on Dr. Drew on call on HLN and I am back on this week and next!

This week I’ll be on Dr. Drew on Dr. Drew on HLN tomorrow and tuesday nights and I am scheduled to co-host his show next week! (YAY!)
Here is a snippet from last week on the show… yes, we had a good laugh. I adore this Dr. Drew!!!

p.s. Are you coming to hear me speak May 6?! 

p.p.s. Here is a link to my RAGE blog post I tweeted about.  Do I send this blog to this (horrible) doctor 4 years later? RAGE


  1. Michelle says

    Hi Jenny –

    Looking forward to seeing you on Dr. Drew. With regard to the RAGE post – here is what I think and where I am coming from.

    My mom died from pancreatic cancer too – she was 65 and this was 6 years ago, she died 145 days after diagnosis so I fully know where you’re coming from. At the time, I didn’t even know what I didn’t know regarding PC and might have tried to have things done differently even though I doubt anything would have worked at that point – but one thing is that the last time my mom left her home it was by ambulance because she passed out from a pulmonary embolism. I now know that this is common with PC – had her doctor been informed, he could have put her on a blood thinner and prevented that problem. So, I sent him a letter about it and never heard back. So now, when I talk to people who are going through PC, I make sure to tell them about blood clots and have informed Pancan, that it would be helpful for them to mention this when new people call in for info.

    I doubt that sending a letter to your mom’s doctor would change the way he does business. He does not sound like the type of person who would take the constructive criticism well.

    What I would recommend instead is for you to contact and talk to someone in the PALS program. This group often is called upon to refer doctors in the area. It would be good for you to at least tell them about your experience. You cannot control what happens after that – but at least you will feel like you have done something to help someone else. Helping the next person is really what you would be seeking to do by “raging” at the doctor and this might be a more effective way. I don’t know that they will pass on that info directly to callers but maybe if they hear this info enough, they will take it into consideration when giving out referrals.

    I don’t know if people ever ask you for referrals to doctors who handle PC, but it would good if you knew some other options and Pancan can help you with that as well.

    This sounds like an advertisement for Pancan – believe me it is not. They are a good group, that does good things nationally for the cause and maybe it could be a source for you to get the rage out! :)

    • says

      I’m so sorry. My mom had a clot too… I can promise you that your mom would not have ultimately survived even with the blood thinner so pls don’t let that keep you up at night! You did everything you could! Great idea re pancan. And also… Again.. I’m so sad for you too. Sending you happy thoughts! xo

      • Michelle says

        Thanks for your thoughts! I know she would not have survived even with the clot. I just hate that because of it she was never able to come home again. That specific part doesn’t keep me up at night, just about everything else does though! :)

        It is just one thing where something could have actually been done had we known to be on the look out for it.

        I am sad for you too – but I am sure that your mom would be so proud of your personal and professional accomplishments!


  2. Bonnie Rohrer says

    I have been seeing you on Dr Drew over the last weeks and kept thinking “she sounds like the girl that was on with Alexis Stewart and finally googled you and lo and behold it is that girl !! kudos to you for the weight loss.Sympathy to you for your mothers death. I lost my Mother too 22 years ago from cancer.
    Keep up the good work and i agree with everything you say about jodi A !

  3. says


    Look forward to seeing you on Dr. Drew’s show. A breath of fresh air, and your facial expressions after seeing or hearing something about the “psycho-babe” Jodi Arias are worth wading through it all.

    Congrats on being you!

  4. Toni says

    I used to listen to you all the time on Whatever and even called in a couple of times!! I loved you on it and am lovin’ you on Dr Drew! I hope you get a full time gig with him because you’re a perfect fit since you have a law background! :)

  5. Regina Milone says

    Hi Jenny, Sorry about your Mom I lost mine to PC as well. She was a young 72 professional with a HUGE heart and lots of grand kids. I miss her terribly.
    Saw you last Night on DR. D. was kind of surprised when all you pretty ladies didn’t come up with an OBVIOUS JA hair dye thing…she transforms into anyone she is jealous of so I believe the hairdo was a dual purpose…” Look at me TA my hair is the same color as Mimi Hall! ( the other girl going to Cancun) and also as a backup disguise …What do you think?

  6. Gale Klinker says

    Love seeing you on Dr. Drew, Jenny! And…I have to tell you…you remind me so much of a young Jane Fonda!! :)

  7. Sarah says

    Hi Jenny! You are the best Dr. Drew co-host! You are my favorite and you offer a great balance and the voice of the every day peeps. Thank you!

  8. amy says

    Have stopped watching Dr. Drew because I honestly can’t stomach you. Stop shaking your head and interrupting. And who are you anyway? You contribute zero! Will not be watching any longer.

  9. Rich says

    I love the expressions on your face as others are making their points. It says everything about what you’re thinking while having to say nothing.

    It works for you. You’re so cute.

    Keep it going … You’re the best!

  10. says

    I think that you do a great job on Dr. Drew’s show…he has had some good co-hosts before, but i think you have the best input of anyone on the show. As far as what “Amy” says about interrupting, if the guests don’t speak up on the show Dr. Drew will forget to let his panels ask questions and he will monopolize the time available. As far as your facial expressions, to me that is a sign that you are engaged in the conversation and are being real and not phony like some people who come on the show. Keep up the good work :)

  11. Essence says

    Jenny is the best and you do not know what you are talking about . Jealousy will get you no where in life.

  12. mike says

    Jenny, you really need to look into frank taaffes past. It might show you why he has so much hostility. He has been arrested for domestic violence. Also one of the biggest race haters I have ever listened to. Stop making him a celebrity.

  13. Kate Simmerson says

    Hi, Jenny… I am such a fan or yours and love your presence on Dr. Drew. You’ve been very forthcoming about other personal issues like weightloss and I was just wondering if you had an arthritic condition of some sort? When you’re “talking with your hands” on HLN is the only time I notice it. I ask because RA is a chronic condition in my family and I was wondering if you had the same affliction.
    Best Regards and thank you for your insight and hard work!

  14. Dee says

    Enjoy watching you on Dr. Drew for your insightful contributions to current issues and conversations – but can you PLEASE try to control the hand motions!!! Nobody else on the show seems unable to talk without every syllable being emphasized with annoying upturned monster hands flying around and monopolizing the camera! Why can’t you keep your hands down??

  15. Leslie says

    Just heard you are not on Dr. Drew anymore. So very disappointed! How come the sudden change?! Not happy about this!

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