Change is good. Sometimes. This time!

Tomorrow starts new time for my radio show… my “Just Jenny” show will now air LIVE Monday through Friday 10amET/7amPT on SiriusXM stars 106. My replay will still be daily 6amET/3amPT.

I am thrilled to be on an hour later! Hope you’ll still be listening live- and listening on demand when live is not an option.

Also this week I am back co hosting Dr. Drew on HLN 9pmET/PT. Love working with everyone on that show.

And Monday of next week (11.4.13) my interview with Celine Dion will be airing on CBS’ OMG Insider. She was LOVELY. And I got to bring my sister Stacy! What could be better than that?! NOTHING!

Celine Dion

Finally, last week I got to weigh in on the “diet wars”  – ahhh DIETS – a subject way too close to my heart (and belly and tushy….) What do you think is the best diet plan?!


  1. Leslie says

    When are you going to write a book about your weight loss journey? You are so honest and funny and relatable to REAL women. It would be a best seller! LOVE you on Dr. Drew!

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