I Am Grateful For Everything – Including That Which Hasn’t Been So Great.

Thanksgiving 2007 I had no idea the amount of change coming my way.
I should have expected some of it since my mom had just been diagnosed with pancreatic cancer.
But I was still a touch Pollyanna-esque believing all would end up ok.
I believed a cure was possible.
I believed my mom’s snake oil salesman “oncologist” had the magic potion.

My sister took my mom to her first treatment while I left to tape Martha Stewart’s TV show.  I was Martha’s Thanksgiving themed TV show’s guest. I had been doing some TV with her daughter (my ex co-host/business partner) Alexis but this was my first time “solo” on set with Martha.

I said “ok” a few too many times. And I looked more like a butterball turkey than the turkey did  (I weighed WAY more than I  weigh today) and I do remember how my heart was beating out of my chest.
But it is startling how young I look.
And how innocent I still was.

Anyway, I am grateful to have learned so many valuable in the kitchen lessons from Martha and Alexis.
And even more grateful to be able to look back on so many difficult days after this day and remember the good.

Do you look back on your life and remember/relish the happy?

P.S. I looked back at some posts and found this one – glad to say that hardened layer seems to have softened!



    LOL Jenny……that was a riot. Just love you and your attitude about life!! Caught a sneek peak of your husband in the audience too!! He is very handsome!!
    Keep doing what you are doing it works for me and a lot of others.

  2. Sheila says

    As lovely as you are in this 2007 clip, if anything, you look like your own even prettier, fresher little sister now. This is such a great blog & P.S: I love your radio show!

  3. Karen says

    Jenny –
    I loved this. You look so young and innocent, as you say. And it’s so cool to be able to look back and see how far you’ve come!

  4. Chris says

    Jenny, I landed on this post by total accident when an Internet search for the Whatever girls brought me here. I was actually in the studio audience during this taping. My BFF dragged me from NJ to the show to take my mind off my Dad who was recently diagnosed with lung cancer. Because of the thanksgiving theme that day the show sent us home with roasting pans which my BFF and I dragged home on the train and for the first time since the diagnosis I was able to laugh a little and for a few hours forget just a little bit. My dad passed away on jan 5th 2008. He was also 65…I still miss him every day.

  5. Marcee ... ILLINOIS says

    Oh …. you look fine to me Jenny! A few differences sure. Hair is shorter …. I think today you look much younger!!

    Even though words do not make it right for you, I am certainly very sorry about your mom. We lost our dad in similar heath circumstances at a young age. His body was riddled with cancers. It was me that rushed dad to the hospital when he passed out. I had zero clues. They would not tell you anything in those days. So, I never ever knew dad was dying.

    Thankfully, I was with him continually at the hospital, along w mom and siblings. I miss him every single day. Dad was my idol.

    Ms. Martha is looking old. Face is always red and puffy. Often she looks tired. Television always tells the truth re appearance/looks.

    For sure, we are all getting older. It catches up with us.

    We watch you on TV Jenny! You are gorgeous.

    P.S. Where does Alexis hide out? Most likely with her little ones ….. living with Martha. Grandma’s homes are big enough!

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