REPOST about my late (as in dead) mother. It is her birthday…

I just don’t have the strength to write about her today. I’m sad. Yup. Sad.
I miss her. A lot. The older I get, in some ways, the greater the longing becomes.
Maybe because I am increasingly like her?!
I think I have to get that darn tattoo of her initial “B” (for Bunny) soon.
here’s the link to the  last thing I wrote about my mom .
Gotta honor her today…somehow.

Now, Go call your mother! Even if she’s annoying.




  1. Rich says

    Much love to you today (and everyday) my friend. Bunny would be so proud of how you have grown since she left this earth. Remember all you have accomplished since her passing. You are a different and better woman because of your hard work and determination. You’ll get by this rough spot and in time it will become easier. Perhaps you can write your next book and title it, Growing up Koppelman. I bet it would be a best seller. <3 Rich

  2. Chris says

    Listening to 01/24 O&A, and kinda LOVE that you’re such a good sport and put up with anything and everything the boys throw at you.


    Imma call my mom right now :)

  3. Cherise Kaplan says

    And as today is my birthday also, I think of my mother and miss her with the same longing and sadness. Thinking of you and all that are in the same boat. So I agree, call your mothers everyone who can. While we pray to ours, you still have the luxury of hearing their voices. All the best…. C

  4. Mary says

    Hi, I have been listening to your show for a couple months now — you give me lots to think about — I love that!!! Today’s conversation about your Mom hit a raw nerve with me…..our beautiful 31 year old daughter in law passed away just before Christmas…..I miss her so much — I keep it kinda together by thinking that she is getting to hang out with her Dad, and my Mom and Dad and Mom and Dad in law just up ahead of us….none of us are the same once those we love aren’t in the physical world with us – Jenny….I am sad for your loss – I am happy that your Mom was so loved

  5. bisbee says

    I only listen to your re-braodcast the next day on my way to work – caught a bit this morning about your mother. It is hard – I know – I’m 20 years older than you, and my mother has been gone for 21 years. I occasionally have dreams where she is still alive – they are SO real, and I remember them and they make me very happy.

    I also heard the story about her sending the campus police to your brother’s room. You said you would do the same. PLEASE, PLEASE think about this – please don’t do this to your kids once they move out! My mother did it to me – the thing it did is make me resent it, and swear that I would NEVER do the same to my children, and I haven’t. My husband’s ex does the same to her children – my stepchildren are 26 and almost 30 – their mother is just way too involved in her children’s daily lives. Neither is married or in a relationship, which makes it easier for her to continue the pattern. She thinks it’s because she loves them so much…but because she does love them so much, she needs to back off.

    Do your children a favor – they are still young, so I’m not saying it for now – but when they go off to college, don’t make contact with them multiple times a day, or even daily. You have to let them go to allow them to grow and flourish!

    By the way – I do wish that my mother was still here to call me multiple times each day and just chat, but when she did it, it made me crazy!

  6. Marcee ... ILLINOIS says

    Feeling your sorrow Jen. I love your mommy’s name. Bunny, is so very sweet. You and your sister have every right to miss your mom. Often the sadness is so overwhelming. Makes it highly difficult to face reality, even though we must. My daddy died when I was a young kid. Barely in my 20’s. Cancer of course. He didn’t know. I was never told. Mostly the “grownies” thought it was best not to say anything to us kids. One day, coming from school/work to the hospital, I was pulled aside. No family was there at the time. The hospital administer was very, very quiet. He told me, “your dad died this evening.” Everyone was at dad’s sister’s house. With all that being said, I still think about our dad everyday. His pictures make me happy to look at. Talking about dad makes me smile. He was funny, and kind. Very often I think about what he would say or think about the way life is today. TV shows, movies, etc. I also want to cook and bake for dad. I dream and think about it. For my grandpa and grandmas also. Like, what would I serve if dad or my other relatives came back to visit me? Maybe chicken and fish tacos. Chocolate cake for dessert. Ohwell. At least I can dream, use my vivid imagination. I sure loved my daddy a whole bunch.

  7. Susan says

    I have been listening to you for so long! Ever since I found you on Sirius. I love hearing you talk about your mom. Dont ever stop talking about her to us and to your kids. My mom passed away 16 years ago next week and my kids never got to know her. I love telling them stories and they feel like the know her. I love that you help me recall things about my mom when you are talking about yours. The book motherless daughters was a good healing read for me. Thanks for being you. I have kids the same age and I love love hearing you talk about yours. Thanks for sharing.

  8. Rick Fenili says

    Most of these people had there mothers until they were 20 or older, I lost mine @ 7 to cancer. It was extremely hard even to this day wondering….why, what could have been? I also lost my father two weeks after my 21st birthday, it hasn’t been easy!
    So I get a little emotional when people say they lost there parent when they were 30 or 40, I’m sorry for the loss…but it’s not as great a loss when your young and need your mom & dad.
    Thanks for listening, and take care.

  9. Jennifer Sterling says

    I just posted on your site today and I am checking it out and saw this. My mom died when I was 21 of a sudden heart attack now 46 and I agree as you get older you miss them even more and certainly understand so much more about them when they were our age.Jenny my moms bday is Jan 27th also!!! All of these years later Im still so so sad and I agree with you miss her more now.

  10. says


    I lost my beautiful, vivacious mom nine months ago. She was 67. Not a day has gone by that I don’t wail at the thought of not having her in my life anymore. Sometimes, I feel crippled and useless….drowning in my sorrow….feeling that I’m only going to drag my wonderful husband and three young sons down with me. I know she would NOT have wanted this for them and me.

    I reread your post about your mom’s glasses. She (my mom) was in the hospital for 33 days following her hemmorhagic stroke. The doctors told us she was getting better; however, they outlined the risks, as well. We chose to only hear what we wanted to hear. For those 33 days, she refused to take off her quirky, big, black framed glasses. Even at night, when it was time to sleep. I never understood why. Maybe, in her own way, she wanted to be able to see who was coming in and out of her hospital room throughout the nights? Before her stroke, she was the most talkative and engaging woman anyone could have ever met. After her stroke, she could barely grunt to express her wants and needs. She wasn’t able to explain why she wanted to keep her glasses on.

    When she died, the nurses aides put all of her belongings in a plastic bag and sent them home with my dad. Her black glasses were in that bag. I haven’t stepped foot in her house since the day she died…over nine months ago. Some day, when I garner up enough strength to go into her home – my childhood home – I’m going to ask my father if he’ll let me have her glasses so I can have them fit my prescription.

    I’m so sorry for your loss.

  11. Brandy says

    Hi Jenny. I listen to your show on Stars daily and heard your show about your mom live. This is my first Mother’s Day without my mom. I lost my mom in November, only 30 days after finding out she had cancer. We were not told she only had this short time to live, but is think she new. As soon as she was diagnosed, she said….you’ll be sad and then you move on and have a good life. This has been hard to do but it is still very fresh. I am so worried about my dad’s well being, I am often forgotten about ( I hate to say that.) I still keep hearing her say….if I go to the hospital to get the fluid drained, I will die. She knew then what was going to happen, and unfortunately she was right. The events in that night and the 24 hours after till her last breath were the longest of my life but I can’t shake this guilt that because I urged her to go to the hospital (ammonia poison) we couldn’t help here it happened. I know it isn’t my fault, but it is hard to shake that when your head mind “f” you!

    Anyways I wanted to say I love the show and how you keep it real!

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