The Fat Girl Episode

I was 15lbs heavier here than I am now.

I was 15lbs heavier here than I am now.

The fat girl episode

Oh Louis CK.
You had me at season one.
And your recent SNL monologue was even smarter, funnier and edgier than I’d even hoped it would be.

But your depth of understanding of the inner workings of the fat girl- as portrayed in a recent Louie episode…

I’m yours for good.
Probably because you made your fat girl so smart, appealing, funny and wise.
You gave your fat girl
compassion and love.

And you allowed your fat girl to be honest about what it really feels like being the fat girl. (See @Louiefx clip here Louie)

When I was a fat girl, I wish I could’ve been so open.

Your fat girl’s neediness was fair and appropriate.

I’m still just needy. And not even fat anymore.

Being fat does suck.
Being fat single or being fat coupled.
It feels awful.
Big time.
For all the reasons your character said it does.
For all the reasons you who is reading this post THINKS it does.
That’s the truth.

I’m nutty about the five pounds I want to lose now even though my struggle used to involve seventy pounds.
That’s because I know what it feels like to be the fat girl.
And I don’t ever want to feel that way again.

Thanks for showing her, well me, some affection on tv.
Holding hands in the daylight- doesn’t get much better than that.


  1. Steve Vanden-Eykel says

    All I could think while watching that scene…If the sexes were reversed, if this were a man, attractive or not, treating any woman, attractive or not, in this manner…any observer would think he was a serial killer. It might make a funny YouTube video, if anyone wants to try it.

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