Cleanse I talked about on air today May 22, 2014

a sneak peek of Jennifer's cleanse- go like her fb page!

a sneak peek of Jennifer’s cleanse- go like her fb page!

The idea to do this for two weeks comes from Jennifer Gruber-Schwartz :

NO sugar, candy, cake, cookies, ice cream, soda, chips, pasta, dairy or bread. *

Unlimited Protein
Unlimited fruits and vegetables (watching amounts of high sugar fruits/starchy vegetables)
Little to no dairy- and if any make it nonfat
Fat free/Sugar free condiments… (salad dressing etc)

That’s pretty much it.. for two weeks!
Let’s see if we can do this together and how we are feeling after! Must lose the bloat!
(You and I might have headaches first couple of days… but that’s what coffee is for!)
Good Luck! #TurkeyBaconIsOk

I plan to post my daily food diary each night  -click here. Plan to. #NotPromisingTo


* I will still have my one (BIG) cup of coffee each day with 2tbs lowfat half and half and a little sugar.


  1. Shari from ct says

    Go jenny… Really isn’t this how we are supposed to eat all the time? Lots of veggies protein and low glycemic fruit. We know this…just need to do it! Good luck…maybe I will join you! I do try to eat this way but then chocolate covered and yogurt covered almonds find their way into my mouth straight to my ass…
    Ha I remember when I thought they were healthy along with frozen yogurt and bran muffins at the diner…

  2. says

    I think I will try this as well. Can you please post about it again after you finish? I am really interested in knowing your results.


    • kristen says

      I don’t mean Dave Aspreys ‘bulletproof’ beans, but add grass fed ghee, mct oil, cinnamon and blend. You can google it to find measurements.

  3. Susan McDonald says

    Hi Jenny! Love your show, blog, and food diary!

    Do you have a Vitamix?

    It had changed my life! The green smoothies are so satisfying and take care of cravings. You can make soup in a snap. Frozen desserts are easy and amazing…you can make choc ice cream simply by blending frozen bananas, raw cacao powder, and a little almond milk.

    • says

      I do have a vitamix! I want to get back to making smoothies. As long as I use protein powder I like them…. Need veggie blends that work with chocolate soy free vegan prot powder….

      • Sandy Camarena says

        Hi Jenny , when counting your calories do you count green vegetables ?? Like, broccoli …I always go back and forth with that because with me too my calories have to be low:( in order for me drop pounds. P.S Thank you for the encouragement with this battle I struggle with…( on your blog and SiriusXM:).

  4. Diana says

    I heard you on the radio talking about sugar…I completely gave up sugar about 20 yrs. ago – and haven’t had it since. I just do not even want it anymore! Once it’s out of your system…you don’t crave it. I also have slowly over the years given up breads, pasta, white potatoes, rice and dairy
    . I eat mainly low sugar fruits and veggies, with some fish and nuts thrown in. And I feel great! Lots of energy and I am rarely sick!

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