Nicole Richie talks divorce rumors, Beyonce and a Paris Hilton reality reunion!

Nicole Richie
In an exclusive interview with Jenny Hutt on SiriusXM radio, Nicole Richie dished the dirt on everything from Beyonce to a possible reality reunion with Paris Hilton!
And what about those annoying divorce rumors?
Nothing was off limits with the star of VH-1’s “Candidly Nicole”!

JENNY HUTT: OK!  We’re going to play “ASK NICOLE!”


NR: OK.  Here we go!


As a fashionista, what celeb closet would you raid and why?  Madonna’s, Beyoncé’s or Gwyneth’s?


NR: I would say Beyonce because she’s a pop star that flies through the air and always has some sort of glitter.  So I would day definitely Beyonce.   Just for the drama of it all.


The tabloids are constantly writing about the state of your marriage.  Set the record straight.


NR: Joel is the worst (LAUGHS)


Love it.  Will we ever see a “Simple Life” reunion show with you and Paris Hilton?


NR: Justin Bieber has taught me many things and I will quote him.  “Never say never. “


Your father is a music icon, Lionel Richie, would you ever make an album?


NR: I love singing.  I’ve been singing and playing piano since I was a little girl.  It’s not something that I do on a professional level, but it is something that I do.  And I love doing it.  I love music, I love listening to music, I love playing music.  I’m still taking piano lessons even now because my dad taught me how to play piano and he doesn’t read music so I didn’t learn how to read either.  And now I’m interested in learning the art of reading music and so that’s where I’m at right now.  But it’s more of a personal thing for me. And if it happens, it happens.  I would love that.


There are constantly rumors that you are thinking of having another child. Are you thinking about maybe having another baby?


NR: Here’s what I’ll tell you.  I held my friend’s baby the other day.  My kids are five and six, and I held my friend’s baby, and the head was wobbling around.  And I remembered what it was like. “Oh I have to watch this kids that I’m holding.  I have to watch its neck!”  And I gave it back to my friend, I was like, “Take this baby!” I am not in the right head space to be taking care of a baby right now! ” But listen, if it happens, it happens.  Of course I’ll be so excited but I’m not necessarily planning … I’m so happy with what I have and if I had more of course I’d be so happy.  But right now, I’m good.

Audio: Here 

EXCLUSIVE! Bethenny Frankel Denies Return To Housewives…


Bethenny Frankel has broken her silence on rumors that she will return to her former Bravo show, “The Real Housewives Of New York” in a brand new interview with SiriusXM Radio host, Jenny Hutt.
Frankel stopped by “Just Jenny” to promote her new children’s book “Cookie Meets Peanut”. Frankel said


J: “US Weekly” is saying you’re going back to “Real Housewives.”


B: I know.  Everyone’s saying a bunch of things.


J: Are you?


B: Because I’m going in and out of Bravo, I’m talking to Andy about two different projects, because he’s got a production company now.


J: Of course.


B: I haven’t singed or decided to do anything. But it’s not what everyone thinks it is. 


J: Ok, because literally this morning I got 5 emails – Bethenny is going to be on your show and “Us Weekly” is reporting she’s coming back to “Real Housewives” Season 7 – confirm or deny! 


B: Well I feel like I’m going to get in trouble if I say what I’m actually doing with Andy.  So I don’t want to say much more, but I haven’t signed anything and I have a great relationship with Andy and the housewives and they’ve asked me to come back  for years.


J: Why wouldn’t they?


B: it’s always been good … But Andy has a production company now.  He’s doing a lot of different shows, so we’re talking about a couple of different things and deciding together what we’re going to do.  So that could be why everyone’s writing about this.


J: Okay! It’s all very exciting.




J: Do you feel like going back to TV, whether it’s “Housewives” or whatever it is you end up doing – are you nervous about doing that again?


B: My personal life?


J: Yeah.


B: I don’t know that I’m going back to reality TV.  There are some shows that I’m talking about that have a little bit of structure in reality.  But if you’re asking me if I would ever do that — or if I would be afraid to do that because of that that – I would say no.  Because whether it’s write books or do interviews – I haven’t really done interviews in a long time, this is the first week because of the book … If I’m going through something negative, very often I can help somebody else who’s going through something negative. 


J: I think so too.


B: And by me having been so honest; it’s helped a lot of people.  Would I ever put every intimate detail of my personal life or my daughter in that? No.  But I think that I connect to women about my personal perspective and experience.  It’s not about seeing what my daughter’s doing. And it’s not about seeing who I’m married to or who I’m sleeping with. I think my perspective on things is what I write about in books and what people are interested in.  So I’m never afraid to be honest. I was only afraid when I was in a difficult marriage.  I didn’t like having everyone think that it was perfect. So I felt like I had to be honest about it but did I want to go through that in that way there? Not necessarily.


Audio of entire interview HERE

bethenny and me


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