TAMAR Braxton Talks Oprah, Rosie And Oh Yes, Jerry Springer

tamar and vince Tamar Braxton and Vince Herbert sat down for an interview with Jenny Hutt and talked We TV’s Tamar and Vince and Separation rumors.

Tamar Braxton also dished about almost every TV talk show host working today..

Here’s some of what she said!


JH: Since you are hosting “The Real,” I want to play a game called “Talk the Talk.”  So I’m going to go through a list of talk show hosts and you’re going to give me a few words that says how you feel about each of them.  First one – Ellen.


TB: Oh I love her.


JH: Ok Jerry Springer.


TB: [Pause]. Ratchet.




JH: Oprah Winfrey.


TB: Classy.


JH: Maury Povich.


TB: Entertaining.


JH: Dr. Phil.


TB: I drew a blank when you said Dr. Phil (laughs).  I like his show though, so I don’t know.  Opinionated.


JH: Rosie O’Donnell.


TB: Um .. no RSVP.


JH: Wendy Williams.


TB: Amazing!

JH: Queen Latifah.
TB: Great!  (Laughs)


Audio  here.

Barry Manilow talks Madonna, Beyonce and how he feels about Justin Bieber

Terrific Album

Terrific Album

In an exclusive Sirius XM interview with Jenny Hutt airing on Wednesday 10.29.14, legend Barry Manilow had a lot to say about music’s hottest stars. He also expressed “disappointment” in Justin Bieber.

JH: Let’s talk about some of the most talked about acts in music today and the question is “are they your ‘cup of tea’ or ‘not for me’?

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Nicole Richie talks divorce rumors, Beyonce and a Paris Hilton reality reunion!

Nicole Richie
In an exclusive interview with Jenny Hutt on SiriusXM radio, Nicole Richie dished the dirt on everything from Beyonce to a possible reality reunion with Paris Hilton!
And what about those annoying divorce rumors?
Nothing was off limits with the star of VH-1’s “Candidly Nicole”!

JENNY HUTT: OK!  We’re going to play “ASK NICOLE!”


NR: OK.  Here we go!


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