omg. I had fun last night. I almost NEVER have fun!

It may seem to those who listen to me on the radio/watch me on tv that I am a good time girl!
Or maybe it doesn’t seem that way,
but in my real life those who know me (and love me!) would say that I’m not really fun.
I am kind, compassionate and a decent person most of the time. I wish others well and find the good in most.
Sometimes I am a bit of a pushover. I do like to avoid conflict.
I am not super judgmental of the variations of human behavior on the whole- I mean the clear wrong doers don’t make me smile but beyond the super awful, I can pretty much see anyone’s side of his/her story.
Yes, admittedly, when I get my delivery right, I am funny.
But I am too serious and moody. I am often anxious (usually anxious).
I rarely allow for fun.
It is like I don’t know HOW to have fun.

I don’t drink. I don’t use drugs recreationally.

In high school and the start of college- my fun activity of choice was Karaoke- often alone in my room.
Oh Gd. I’ve said too much.

On the occasion I eat for fun, typically I do it alone- I think cake eaten while I’m alone tastes better- candy and poptarts too.
Again, I’ve said too much!

I used to LOVE to dance at parties,
but then I turned into a self conscious grown up.

Well… last night Keith and I went to our friend Ivy’s birthday party.

is Ivy wearing Black Milk Clothing leggings?!

is Ivy wearing Black Milk Clothing leggings?!

And I had FUN! I think I might have even BEEN fun.

Ivy decorated her party (BEAUTIFULLY!!!) with strands of sparkly beads, ribbons, candy and super fun warm friends.
I promptly stole one of the strands of sparkly beads and turned it into a necklace!

cool necklace!

cool necklace!

I danced. I talked to friends we hadn’t seen in years. I laughed. I packed a bag of candy to eat in private at a later date!
Keith and I then went out to a late night dinner at Quality Italian in NYC and I had some chicken parmigian that looks like a pizza and WAY too much bread. We had such a good time I am only regretting the late night eating fest a little bit!

But highlight of the night had to be the Karaoke Ivy and her husband Jeff arranged.
I can’t remember the last time I let go like this. Really.
It was like she planned it for me…which she didn’t…but so what!
Here is a snippet of my hogging the Karaoke set up.
My husband says when I am happy my teeth come out.
Uh oh.

Thanks Ivy for including us. We had the best time. Really!

I made a new treadmill video yesterday.

Anxiety is normal. kinda. Plus! My diet. NEVER EASY!

Thanks Dr. Drew for always making me feel better. You are a terrific doctor!

Dieting is a constant way of life for me… and frankly for most of my friends too!
I have maintained my weight loss so far for about three years. And it takes great effort.

the black clothes didn't really make me look thinner.

the black clothes didn’t really make me look thinner.

There are days I eat healthfully- meaning fruits, vegetables plus lean protein and other days I put so much garbage in my mouth I cannot believe it.

Food shame still exists for me as does my love of the poptart.

One thing I have found that works well for me lately [Read more…]

Everyone likes seeing my “fat” pictures. Everyone but me!

It is painful to see the visual of how horrible I must have been feeling to let myself get to THAT place. I have no real recollection of how I got so out of control.

I have plenty of lovely pictures from growing up: some thin, some chubby, some cute…enough.

1992, 1984, 1986!

1992, 1984, 1986!





But the super fat pics from past 10 years… ugh. I am mortified by them. #truth

This is why I get on my scale every day.
Seeing the number on my scale will prevent me from “not realizing” I’m getting fat/I have gotten fat.

Taking selfies also helps me stay aware.
Some tips on how to take a great selfie can be found at Pat’s papers!

Ricki Lake had me on as a guest on her show- talking about my weight loss, treadmill use and SoulCycle!
I’m grateful to have such a lovely well wishing girls’ girl friend! Ricki Lake is all good!
Watch and enjoy the fat pictures.

If you want to buy the surf shelf I mentioned:
go to Surfshelf and you can get $5 off by entering code jenny5 in the “Gift Certificate’” field on the 3rd page of your shopping cart at surfshelf and then hit APPLY CODE next to the field. The coupon will then appear as a (-$5.00) line item in the shopping cart with the text “$5 off from Jenny Hutt” –

I tweeted about a yummy chia pudding recipe from my cardiologist dr. yaghoobzadeh – here it is!
1/4 cup chia seeds
1 cup so delicious almond milk plus protein (he used coconut milk)
half a tsp vanilla extract
1-2 tbs agave syrup (depending how sweet you want it)
mix all in a container and put in the refrigerator for 3 hrs (I covered the container)
Really healthy and REALLY delicious!


P. S. Next week I am cohosting Dr. Drew’s show on HLN all week. I can’t wait!

And one more picture: prom 1988


Update about almost everything.

Past month. WOW.

I celebrated my niece’s bat mitzvah:

such fun. mazel tov!

such fun. mazel tov!













I celebrated my 43rd birthday at Barry Manilow and @soulcycle. (Thanks again EVERYONE!! Shout out to @soulcycle teacher @pedalmom Julie Dermer for fantastic bday ride and my sister @stacykfritz for being the all around greatest!)













I Watched my husband Keith launch his new twitter feed @fitdadtv . LOVE his tips on fitness. #proud

I marveled at my daughter’s FANTASTIC attitude after fracturing her wrist.
party dress with a broken wrist












I shot some episodes of my new @powerwomentv show (debuting in taxis in nyc later this month!!) #Treadmilltalk – Having a GREAT time seeing my idea come to life. YAY













I’ve also been doing various TV appearances and interviewing a lot of terrific people on my Just Jenny show on siriusxm ( pictures are in photo gallery section of my site , you can stream shows you missed on siriusxm on demand, I post in audio section of my site sometimes or download what you missed here)

I Learned that my show is moving to the MORNINGS on siriusxm stars as of February 19th #EXCITED!!!

And I’ve been spending all of  my down time (what little there is) exercising, reading, meeting people and hanging with my friends and family.

Life is busy, sometimes overwhelming, sometimes challenging,  BUT always good.

What’s going on with all of you??