Why Didn’t She Just Leave…

Tomorrow after my regularly scheduled Weight Wednesday show (10amET ch 109), I will be hosting a special on SiriusXM STARS (11amET ch 109) called “Why Didn’t She Just Leave,”

You, my listeners, have been so impassioned about Ray Rice and Adrian Peterson- it feels good to give another hour to discuss them and the prevalence of domestic violence. 

SiriusXM sent out this media bulletin which reads in part: 

“Wednesday, September 17th at 11:00 am ET on SiriusXM’s Stars 109 (Live, call in show with guests)

Why Didn’t She Just Leave with Host Jenny Koppelman Hutt

Domestic abuse has sparked a national discussion. For most women living in abusive relationships, leaving isn’t always a viable option. Inspired by the stories of #WHYISTAYED and messages of hope that are spreading across Twitter, Hutt an author and lawyer who has legions of fans based on her willingness to tackle all issues, will talk with survivors and those who are all too familiar with domestic violence. She will lead the conversation around this topic and will take listener calls.

If following the domestic violence issue, please use the hashtags #WHYISTAYED/#WHYILEFT.”

I hope you’ll listen and CALL IN 888-947-8277!

Your participation is what makes this show and my show worth doing… 


Cleanse I talked about on air today May 22, 2014

a sneak peek of Jennifer's cleanse- go like her fb page!

a sneak peek of Jennifer’s cleanse- go like her fb page!

The idea to do this for two weeks comes from Jennifer Gruber-Schwartz :

NO sugar, candy, cake, cookies, ice cream, soda, chips, pasta, dairy or bread. *

Unlimited Protein
Unlimited fruits and vegetables (watching amounts of high sugar fruits/starchy vegetables)
Little to no dairy- and if any make it nonfat
Fat free/Sugar free condiments… (salad dressing etc)

That’s pretty much it.. for two weeks!
Let’s see if we can do this together and how we are feeling after! Must lose the bloat!
(You and I might have headaches first couple of days… but that’s what coffee is for!)
Good Luck! #TurkeyBaconIsOk

I plan to post my daily food diary each night  -click here. Plan to. #NotPromisingTo


* I will still have my one (BIG) cup of coffee each day with 2tbs lowfat half and half and a little sugar.

I Am Grateful For Everything – Including That Which Hasn’t Been So Great.

Thanksgiving 2007 I had no idea the amount of change coming my way.
I should have expected some of it since my mom had just been diagnosed with pancreatic cancer.
But I was still a touch Pollyanna-esque believing all would end up ok.
I believed a cure was possible.
I believed my mom’s snake oil salesman “oncologist” had the magic potion.

My sister took my mom to her first treatment while I left to tape Martha Stewart’s TV show.  I was Martha’s Thanksgiving themed TV show’s guest. I had been doing some TV with her daughter (my ex co-host/business partner) Alexis but this was my first time “solo” on set with Martha.

I said “ok” a few too many times. And I looked more like a butterball turkey than the turkey did  (I weighed WAY more than I  weigh today) and I do remember how my heart was beating out of my chest.
But it is startling how young I look.
And how innocent I still was.

Anyway, I am grateful to have learned so many valuable in the kitchen lessons from Martha and Alexis.
And even more grateful to be able to look back on so many difficult days after this day and remember the good.

Do you look back on your life and remember/relish the happy?

P.S. I looked back at some posts and found this one - glad to say that hardened layer seems to have softened!

Change is good. Sometimes. This time!

Tomorrow starts new time for my radio show… my “Just Jenny” show will now air LIVE Monday through Friday 10amET/7amPT on SiriusXM stars 106. My replay will still be daily 6amET/3amPT.

I am thrilled to be on an hour later! Hope you’ll still be listening live- and listening on demand when live is not an option.

Also this week I am back co hosting Dr. Drew on HLN 9pmET/PT. Love working with everyone on that show.

And Monday of next week (11.4.13) my interview with Celine Dion will be airing on CBS’ OMG Insider. She was LOVELY. And I got to bring my sister Stacy! What could be better than that?! NOTHING!

Celine Dion

Finally, last week I got to weigh in on the “diet wars”  – ahhh DIETS – a subject way too close to my heart (and belly and tushy….) What do you think is the best diet plan?!