carrot soup

today i made carrot soup  (keithy took my picture- i am in pajamas).

alexis gave me this recipe from vegetarian cooking for everyone by deborah madison… it is so delicious and easy to make.  as per alexis’ recommendation (and having made it now a bunch of times myself) i tinker with the ingredient amounts: that is i add extra carrots and less vegetable stock because i like a thick puree.  this time i used dry parsley but fresh is much better.  also, the recipe calls for some ethnic spices that i don’t love so i leave them out. also not shown is the olive oil which i use sparingly.

chopped carrots.

lots of carrots in the bowl.

i use almost two containers of this veggie broth.

browning chopped onions.

rice gets added with the carrots next.

i love this jane’s krazy mixed up salt… it has lots of herbs and spices.

almost all the ingredients in the pot.

add the veggie broth.

now it’s all in a blender….

yummy pureed soup!

cooling… getting ready to bring to work to share with alexis and producer emily.





went out to dinner last night and got home too late to edit intern jessica’s recap… will do this morning for sure.




work work work…it never ends.

sometimes i broadcast from home and here is what the equipment i use looks like. the little puffy ball on the end of the headset is actually the microphone.. cool huh? it’s hard to keep my kids away from this stuff…

we are planning this black friday (day after thanksgiving) whatever with alexis and jennifer marathon… it’s so cool but we have the big task of figuring out which shows to air and what parts of what shows to air blah blah blah.  well, because of this marathon, i have organized all my copies of the shows we’ve ever done (minus four because our ex producer douchebag didn’t give us the copies)….here is what a year plus of shows looks like organized nicely.

so once i had organized the shows (and they are put away by date, duh) i had to also fix the old papers from show prep etc…

and once i finished organizing those papers and notebooks i thought that i might as well go into my office closet and see how that’s going… i cleaned out that closet during the summer and still it looks ok…

extra notebooks.

archived photos

family videos/dvds

kid’s old schoolwork.

now i am watching the view with tina fey and tracey morgan as guests…omg i love tina fey!