bunny and others at hospital yesterday…not shown, my dad charles..too nervous for pictures.

my mom is still in recovery but doing well… on my way back to hospital in a few minutes. and yes, the show will be live today. my mom appreciates all of your thoughts very much. i’ve told her about every comment and every kind word. thank you again. i’ll do my best to explain the surgery on the show today.

my brother brian wrote part of yesterday’s blog so check it out (just below this one) if you haven’t already.

here is my mom before surgery.  she is so beautiful- even without any make up and nervous before her big operation! amazing really.

my brother brian.

my sister in law (brian’s wife) amy.

my sister stacy.

my brother in law (stacy’s husband) david.

and, of course, keithy.

thanks for all the well wishes.




blog by brother brian

Hi whatever listeners. This is Jenny’s brother Brian, or as Jenny says "My-brother-Brian-he’s-so- great!" (She’s prone to exaggeration). We are sitting in the waiting room at the hospital where our mom is having her back repaired, and I thought you’d all like a bird’s eye account of Jenny’s mental state. Does the expression "on the brink of collapse," mean anything to any of you? But don’t worry, I’m not talking about her state of mind about my mother. She knows Bunny’s gonna be alright (and will be out of surgery in an hour or so). I’m talking about her having to deal with the fact that she can’t talk to all of you today. Can’t hear her own voice in her headphones. Can’t solve problems, manufacture problems, embroil herself in Alexis’ problems. She almost stood up five minutes ago to address the entire waiting room, and only about a third of the people here speak english. Jenny has also called home 12 times to make sure the kids are ok. She threw out chicken salad that was STILL COLD because she thought it might go bad (it would have actually gone bad about midnight tonight), she has gone to the bathroom, and, although I wasnt a first hand witness, I am pretty sure that she wasn’t sitting down (germs germs germs). But, I gotta tell you all, if you ever have to be in some atrium waiting for someone you love to get out of surgery, there’s almost noone you’d rather be with then Jenny. She’s keeping us all laughing, and singing (!) and smiling. (the other folks here just loved Jenny’s rendition of "…And I am telling you, I’m not going…" from dreamgirls.) And she can’t wait to get back on the air to tell you all about it tomorrow.

hi it’s jennifer now and it’s 5:43 pm and my mom just got out of surgery (phew!) she’ll be in the recovery room all night but thankfully, it seems, poo poo poo, that the surgery went according to plan. she had a fusion which i will try my best to explain on air tomorrow….xoxoxoxoxoxox


and alexis showed up! she’s NOT evil!



good morning everyone!

it’s the waiting that sucks.  i am waiting for rosie’s assistant to contact me again- i don’t know that she received the email explaining that someone pretended to be me on rosie’s site but i hope she did. alexis says i’ll have the opportunity to explain/tell all when i meet her so, again, hopefully that’ll all work out.

ok… going to watch the view and get ready for work.

have the best day!



not the family bed but certainly the family bedroom!

good morning…

this is one of the TWO chair and a half chaises we have in our bedroom in case our kids want to sleep in our room. obviously, last night my daughter slept with us. . , the other chair looks exactly the same – minus the flower bedding…

i wonder if i’ll hear from rosie’s assistant today….

have a great day!