rosie rosie rosie!

hi everyone!

ok. so we know now that i am going to call rosie sometime after her colonoscopy tomorrow (good luck rosie!) but i haven’t figured out where/how to call her- i haven’t called her yet because i didn’t want to be pushy…. but hopefully by showtime tomorrow i’ll have an update.  so excited! so excited. check out rosie’s blog where she responds to one of our listener’s (kim) questions.




omg. today someone emailed the show saying that rosie, rosie o’donnell herself, answered MY question on her blog on (you’ll have to scroll down to find my question and her answer)…and i am so excited.  i asked rosie to come on alexis and my show… and she responded with "let’s all have dinner first"… i’ve been wanting rosie to come on our show since we began, but dinner with rosie?????!!!!! omg, way better!!

now the question is… how do i follow up? do i have "my people" contact  "her people"? wait a sec….. i have no "people"! do i contact her publicist??? do i wait and see if she contacts me??? doesn’t her posting THAT response on her blog mean the ball is in my court???? omg.

the best part is alexis likes rosie… phew. 




why is there no “cold” shot?

good morning!

i had a flu shot a couple weeks ago so i won’t get the flu, feel like crap from the flu, sound like crap from the flu, be inconvenienced by the flu… but here’s the thing…. I GOT AN F’ING COLD!

i have 4 days off from work,  a mini vacation if you will (get out your tiny violins)and thursday night i started having that damn itchy throat.  of course, when i get sick, i ignore it… in fact, i don’t just ignore it, i do more than i would have been doing if i weren’t sick.. it’s like i have to prove to myself (everyone) that nothing will stop me…. so of course, friday i spent the day with my cousins and my family…then went out to dinner with my family friday night.  i got home from dinner and i didn’t sleep well AT ALL what with the stuffed nostril on one side, toss to the other side, have a stuffed nostril on that side…toss to the other side again etc….etc…. so bleary eyed saturday i got up, hung out with my kids,  took my daughter out, went to the grocery store, and managed, like an idiot , to invite friends over (with three kids) for dinner….so because i invited friends over for dinner and i have learned from alexis the queen of domesticity and good living how to entertain,  i decided to cook…. i made carrot soup (so easy to make and people are always impressed because it’s so yummy) with greek yogurt on the side (i’m way too ugly and feeling crappy to take photos), salad with toasted chickpeas and parmesan cheese, ordered pizza, noodles, grilled chicken for the kids and and anyone else who wanted some (i’m not perfect i ordered pizza and chicken!)… baked fresh chocolate chip cookies (had dough in freezer that i had made from scratch)… and i had a lovely time with my friends…although i was blowing my nose and washing my hands constantly which did impede some of the laughs…

then everyone left (way after my kids’ bedtime) and i nestled under my covers hoping for some relief only to be kept awake by once again the stuffed nostril, turn, stuffed nostril.  plus, i had been "pushing" fluids for the past 24 hours and i had to pee a gazillion times. and if that wasn’t enough, the feeling of intense panic and increased heartrate for no rational reason came over me.  and a girl like me who takes no medication for anxiety, sat up in bed staring at the ceiling and keithy while he snored in sleep delight. 

so now it’s the morning, my nose is still stuffed…looking for some holistic remedy so i don’t sound like crap tomorrow on the show.. i cannot take sudafed cause it makes my heart race (and i don’t need any more of that than i have already!) and i would like to be able to have a good night’s sleep tonight.

hope all of you have had a more restful few days.

grammar police- have fun!




happy thanksgiving.. i am thankful!

is is wrong that i am so happy to have a few days off?  yes, i have a job that i love… i feel so happy going to work (most days) but i am so relaxed already home all of one hour and under my covers (keithy is out with my cousins’ husbands and my brother in law).  i feel like i will have some time to just chill this weekend (no batmitzvahs!) and i feel like it need it. that said, of course, i will be checking the show email so feel free to email me/us  and be sure to listen to the whatever with alexis and jennifer marathon! (times are listed on our homepage)….

my sister stacy showed me a dvd (made from a video) from 14 years ago that my parents made for me… it was made right after my brother and sister had both gotten married and i was feeling crappy because i was going through a "i’m a total loser dork phase"- i didn’t have a boyfriend (had pretty much just been dumped by someone) and couldn’t figure out what i wanted to do with my life.. i was in law school but had no ambition to practice law, i was living at home after having lived away during college, i toyed with the idea of acting but was too insecure to really go for that and my parents must have sensed my feeling like poop because they made a video montage of my life up until that point  (i was 22) to show me how much they loved me and that they thought i was terrific.

looking back, i cannot believe i was so insecure- i was adorable, i was witty, i was social, i was funny, i had a whole future ahead of me that i couldn’t appreciate at all! i was so caught up in trying to figure out who i was supposed to be that i couldn’t appreciate who i was… looking back i think i missed out on a lot of fun because i was so worried about my future…

seeing that video reminds me today to appreciate what i have and try live each day to its fullest even when i feel like a loser (we all have those days)  because time will pass and i will think about now and realize how great all of it is…

i appreciate my parents’ making that video for me much more now than i did then.

so on this evening before thanksgiving here are a few things i am thankful for (get out the buckets to catch your vomit it’s going to be sappy!)

i am thankful that i have my kids and my keithy and my sister and brother and nieces and nephews and my parents and my inlaws of all kinds and my cousins and my friends etc…. (by now you must be at least nauseated.)

i am thankful that i have had this past year of doing our show… plus i have learned so much from alexis and martha! and i am thankful for that too… (have you puked yet?)

i am thankful that we have amazing listeners who keep coming back for more… i feel incredibly touched by your interaction with alexis and me… (ok, stop vomiting, i am having a moment or two!)

i am thankful to be alive. (ok now i’m throwing up too but i mean it!)

of course, after seeing that video from 14 years ago, all i want to do is find all my old videos- my brother’s barmitzvah (i was 9), my sister’s sweet sixteen, my sweet sixteen, my old school plays, blah blah blah, etc. etc. so tomorrow, instead of really just relaxing and enjoying thanksgiving, i will be scouring my parents’ house for these tapes and my own attic as well…i hope i find them.

keithy just got home from dinner.

happy thanksgiving everyone!!!!!