rosie rosie rosie!

hi everyone!

ok. so we know now that i am going to call rosie sometime after her colonoscopy tomorrow (good luck rosie!) but i haven’t figured out where/how to call her- i haven’t called her yet because i didn’t want to be pushy…. but hopefully by showtime tomorrow i’ll have an update.  so excited! so excited. check out rosie’s blog where she responds to one of our listener’s (kim) questions.




omg. today someone emailed the show saying that rosie, rosie o’donnell herself, answered MY question on her blog on (you’ll have to scroll down to find my question and her answer)…and i am so excited.  i asked rosie to come on alexis and my show… and she responded with "let’s all have dinner first"… i’ve been wanting rosie to come on our show since we began, but dinner with rosie?????!!!!! omg, way better!!

now the question is… how do i follow up? do i have "my people" contact  "her people"? wait a sec….. i have no "people"! do i contact her publicist??? do i wait and see if she contacts me??? doesn’t her posting THAT response on her blog mean the ball is in my court???? omg.

the best part is alexis likes rosie… phew.