halloween photos

so, here are my kids: james bond and hannah montana.

me as a preacher! a very menacing preacher…

preaching to the choir…

jenny’s back!!!!!!

and now i am all scrubbed clean and under the covers!



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the chocolate that i gave artie lange (from the howard stern show)  for his birthday is made by lazar’s chocolate… they have AMAZING chocolate covered pretzels.


happy halloween.

i am trying to dress up for work- not easy… totally stressful. hope i can do it.

check back later for some halloween pictures.


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sushi dinner

we went for sushi with some friends to a great sushi place in long island called tenjin. keithy had some sake but didn’t get too drunk (of course i drove).  we went with  friends and it was a nice mellow night. so tired now.

this is katsu, the chef and owner of tenjin.

white tuna and avocado in a spicy sauce.

shrimp and snow crab.

assorted sushi.

special rolls at tenjin.

more rolls.

special hand roll.

remember to change your clocks!!!!! fall back, spring ahead.




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help – keithy is making me crazy!

you all know i love my keithy


so far…

keithy gave me his already chewed gum because he couldn’t drive and chew at the same time- he said he was going to choke.

i told him i’m feeling a bit queasy and he offered me a "hot beef injection to clear out the pipes".

he bit my arm while driving.. i think he made a dent (rabies?)

i told him the kids needed to be quiet- he told them to have a screaming contest.

stay tuned… he’s drinking tonight.


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