I Am Grateful For Everything – Including That Which Hasn’t Been So Great.

Thanksgiving 2007 I had no idea the amount of change coming my way.
I should have expected some of it since my mom had just been diagnosed with pancreatic cancer.
But I was still a touch Pollyanna-esque believing all would end up ok.
I believed a cure was possible.
I believed my mom’s snake oil salesman “oncologist” had the magic potion.

My sister took my mom to her first treatment while I left to tape Martha Stewart’s TV show.  I was Martha’s Thanksgiving themed TV show’s guest. I had been doing some TV with her daughter (my ex co-host/business partner) Alexis but this was my first time “solo” on set with Martha.

I said “ok” a few too many times. And I looked more like a butterball turkey than the turkey did  (I weighed WAY more than I  weigh today) and I do remember how my heart was beating out of my chest.
But it is startling how young I look.
And how innocent I still was.

Anyway, I am grateful to have learned so many valuable in the kitchen lessons from Martha and Alexis.
And even more grateful to be able to look back on so many difficult days after this day and remember the good.

Do you look back on your life and remember/relish the happy?

P.S. I looked back at some posts and found this one - glad to say that hardened layer seems to have softened!

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Change is good. Sometimes. This time!

Tomorrow starts new time for my radio show… my “Just Jenny” show will now air LIVE Monday through Friday 10amET/7amPT on SiriusXM stars 106. My replay will still be daily 6amET/3amPT.

I am thrilled to be on an hour later! Hope you’ll still be listening live- and listening on demand when live is not an option.

Also this week I am back co hosting Dr. Drew on HLN 9pmET/PT. Love working with everyone on that show.

And Monday of next week (11.4.13) my interview with Celine Dion will be airing on CBS’ OMG Insider. She was LOVELY. And I got to bring my sister Stacy! What could be better than that?! NOTHING!

Celine Dion

Finally, last week I got to weigh in on the “diet wars”  - ahhh DIETS – a subject way too close to my heart (and belly and tushy….) What do you think is the best diet plan?!

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omg. I had fun last night. I almost NEVER have fun!

It may seem to those who listen to me on the radio/watch me on tv that I am a good time girl!
Or maybe it doesn’t seem that way,
but in my real life those who know me (and love me!) would say that I’m not really fun.
I am kind, compassionate and a decent person most of the time. I wish others well and find the good in most.
Sometimes I am a bit of a pushover. I do like to avoid conflict.
I am not super judgmental of the variations of human behavior on the whole- I mean the clear wrong doers don’t make me smile but beyond the super awful, I can pretty much see anyone’s side of his/her story.
Yes, admittedly, when I get my delivery right, I am funny.
But I am too serious and moody. I am often anxious (usually anxious).
I rarely allow for fun.
It is like I don’t know HOW to have fun.

I don’t drink. I don’t use drugs recreationally.

In high school and the start of college- my fun activity of choice was Karaoke- often alone in my room.
Oh Gd. I’ve said too much.

On the occasion I eat for fun, typically I do it alone- I think cake eaten while I’m alone tastes better- candy and poptarts too.
Again, I’ve said too much!

I used to LOVE to dance at parties,
but then I turned into a self conscious grown up.

Well… last night Keith and I went to our friend Ivy’s birthday party.

is Ivy wearing Black Milk Clothing leggings?!

is Ivy wearing Black Milk Clothing leggings?!

And I had FUN! I think I might have even BEEN fun.

Ivy decorated her party (BEAUTIFULLY!!!) with strands of sparkly beads, ribbons, candy and super fun warm friends.
I promptly stole one of the strands of sparkly beads and turned it into a necklace!

cool necklace!

cool necklace!

I danced. I talked to friends we hadn’t seen in years. I laughed. I packed a bag of candy to eat in private at a later date!
Keith and I then went out to a late night dinner at Quality Italian in NYC and I had some chicken parmigian that looks like a pizza and WAY too much bread. We had such a good time I am only regretting the late night eating fest a little bit!

But highlight of the night had to be the Karaoke Ivy and her husband Jeff arranged.
I can’t remember the last time I let go like this. Really.
It was like she planned it for me…which she didn’t…but so what!
Here is a snippet of my hogging the Karaoke set up.
My husband says when I am happy my teeth come out.
Uh oh.

Thanks Ivy for including us. We had the best time. Really!

I made a new treadmill video yesterday.

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‘Twas the night before high school…



I am starting high school tomorrow!
No, I’m not.
My son is.
And I am emotional and anxious.

I remember my ninth grade year as clear as day. I remember the
Benetton logo striped shirt I wore THREE too many times. I remember my
horrible perm.  I remember walking through the hallways, seeing the
older boys I had a crush on- the ones who didn’t like me back.

I remember feeling uncertain where I fell socially.

Big shocker: I didn’t feel super cool.
I don’t think  I was super cool.
Wait. Am I now super cool?!
(No need to answer!)

I think because my starting high school FEELS like yesterday,   [Read more...]

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