Why Didn’t She Just Leave…

Tomorrow after my regularly scheduled Weight Wednesday show (10amET ch 109), I will be hosting a special on SiriusXM STARS (11amET ch 109) called “Why Didn’t She Just Leave,”

You, my listeners, have been so impassioned about Ray Rice and Adrian Peterson- it feels good to give another hour to discuss them and the prevalence of domestic violence. 

SiriusXM sent out this media bulletin which reads in part: 

“Wednesday, September 17th at 11:00 am ET on SiriusXM’s Stars 109 (Live, call in show with guests)

Why Didn’t She Just Leave with Host Jenny Koppelman Hutt

Domestic abuse has sparked a national discussion. For most women living in abusive relationships, leaving isn’t always a viable option. Inspired by the stories of #WHYISTAYED and messages of hope that are spreading across Twitter, Hutt an author and lawyer who has legions of fans based on her willingness to tackle all issues, will talk with survivors and those who are all too familiar with domestic violence. She will lead the conversation around this topic and will take listener calls.

If following the domestic violence issue, please use the hashtags #WHYISTAYED/#WHYILEFT.”

I hope you’ll listen and CALL IN 888-947-8277!

Your participation is what makes this show and my show worth doing… 


JLo Talks Her Favorite Body Part, Madonna, And JLo’s New Book!



Live from the Red Carpet at #FashionRocks in NYC Jennifer Lopez dished about her best body part, Madonna and JLo’s New Book out this fall:


Jenny: Jennifer, you look so magnificent – who are you wearing?


JLo: Thank you.  Versace.


Jenny: Your body is ridiculous.


JL0: Thank you, I’ve been working out.  You know, I try to keep it together. [Read more...]

Interview with the great Joan Rivers. She will be missed by everyone.

June 2012

June 2012

Joan Rivers told the best jokes and she got EVERY joke.
But more than that, Joan Rivers was super sweet and lovely.

I was lucky enough to interview Joan Rivers June, 2012 on my SiriusXm show. She was incredible and so kind.  I talk too much..We talk about my late mother, we talked about her daughter Melissa. We talked about her book “I Hate Everyone Starting With Me.” Much of what we discussed came directly from that book !   There’s some snark. And a lot of warmth.
It was such a gift to have time with her and I will cherish that gift. Really.


Katie Holmes on playing Wonder Woman, hanging with Taylor Swift and a Dawson’s Creek Reunion!

Katie Holmes The GiverIn a brand new interview with Jenny Hutt on Sirius XM’s ‘Just Jenny’,  Katie Holmes (“The Giver”) talked Taylor Swift, a ‘Dawson’s Creek’ and possibly playing ‘Wonder Woman’!
Holmes, who stars alongside Meryl Streep and Taylor Swift in her latest big screen challenge revealed lots of juicy tidbits!

On her dream role … WONDER-WOMAN! “I wanna be Wonder Woman! That’s who I wanna be! I might need a tramp stamp!” [Read more...]