Tori Spelling and Jennie Garth reveal 90210 Secrets!! 9021-know It All!



In an exclusive interview with me, Jenny Hutt on my SiriusXM Just Jenny show today, Tori Spelling and Jennie Garth of ABC Family’s #MysteryGirls (debuts Tues, 8:30pm ABC family) spilled some shocking 90210 secrets!
The girls ALSO revealed that they may soon reunite with Shannen Doherty! And you’ll never believe who Tori Spelling would want to play her in a movie version of the classic show.

Here are the highlights of the interview: [Read more...]

Losing My Mother Defined Me, Unleashed Me and Changed Me

A long long time mommy and me.

A long long time ago…my mommy and me.

I was a guest on my brother Brian’s #TheMoment Podcast earlier this week, and it (of course) got me thinking (wait, I am always thinking!) about our mom.

I think we all have some mixed up crazy part of our brain. But most of us have a bigger, healthier part of our brain that keeps the other less healthy part in check. In my mother’s case, I believe the crazy side was just a bit larger than the not crazy side. And dealing with the ever-growing understanding of the lack of my mom’s ability to control the off-kilter part of her brain (not that) long after she’s gone fills me with extra sadness.

I’m sad because I want to tell her I get it. I really do. I get the anxiety part that consumed her. I have inherited it!

I get the huge insecurity part — I have that too! But I also got my dad’s pragmatic view of things, my mom’s ability to connect with people, my dad’s ability to connect to people, my dad’s work ethic and his optimism. I think I may even have his singing voice, too!

I feel sad that my mom was part of a generation that felt so ashamed of any odd thoughts or odd behaviors that she couldn’t really laugh at what made her unique, fantastic and also impossible. I get to share my issues daily on the radio, or here on my blog, or on Twitter or FB or anywhere, really.

Although there is still some taboo over being super-open about what ails us emotionally, there is significantly less taboo now than there was years ago. My generation is lucky in this way.
My mom was an astounding beauty who never knew it. She was warm, loving and delightfully zany. And her face was so expressive. Clearly, I’ve inherited her expressions. I’m beyond grateful for this unbreakable link to her. But my mom was sure she was ugly because in addition to her magnificent moon pie baby blue-eyed face, she had a chubby pear shape much of her life with not so glamorous legs. (Thanks mommy. I have your legs!) Later in life my mom was super skinny, but the scars from battling her weight never allowed her to realize what she had become. (Note to self: Allow myself to realize what I’ve become which is not as skinny as she was but no longer as fat as I WAS!) My mommy was incredibly smart, sassy, talented and funny, but unknowingly hid this much of the time by being overly invested in what didn’t really matter like her hair length and color, the wrinkles on her face (which were never really permitted to accumulate), the cleanliness of the house, the color of her bedroom walls, the handbag she had to have, the dress my sister or I shouldve been wearing, the length of my brother’s hair and the full assortment of not-to-be-eaten-by-me baked goods in her kitchen at all times.

My mom had the kindest spirit and a huge heart. She made the prettiest, most fun and most elaborate parties for all of us, the stuff of legends — ask anyone who got to go to our weddings, my brother’s bar mitzvah or my sister and my sweet sixteens! She did love to see us smile. Her incessant need to take care of others was compromised only by her obsession with perfect aesthetics. And how angry it made her when something wasn’t aesthetically pleasing. [Read more...]

The Young Murderer In The BMW

Like all of us, I’m sick over this lonely, angry, mixed up, and horribly sad dead 22 year old murderer in the BMW.
I watched one of his youtube rants yesterday. Was appropriately nauseated by it. Then I watched it again. Was even more nauseated by it. What a revolting, miserable, entitled, evil, awful and sick boy.

I told my 15 year old son I want him to watch the video this psycho posted because I want him to see this rage- to understand it. I want him to grasp the depth of loneliness and anger that purportedly caused a 22 year old privileged boy to go on a murdering spree.

My son said, “Mom, Nothing he said in the video is going to make me understand- I can’t understand a kid’s doing that, just like you can’t. We aren’t able to understand it because we aren’t murderers.” [Read more...]

Cleanse I talked about on air today May 22, 2014

a sneak peek of Jennifer's cleanse- go like her fb page!

a sneak peek of Jennifer’s cleanse- go like her fb page!

The idea to do this for two weeks comes from Jennifer Gruber-Schwartz :

NO sugar, candy, cake, cookies, ice cream, soda, chips, pasta, dairy or bread. *

Unlimited Protein
Unlimited fruits and vegetables (watching amounts of high sugar fruits/starchy vegetables)
Little to no dairy- and if any make it nonfat
Fat free/Sugar free condiments… (salad dressing etc)

That’s pretty much it.. for two weeks!
Let’s see if we can do this together and how we are feeling after! Must lose the bloat!
(You and I might have headaches first couple of days… but that’s what coffee is for!)
Good Luck! #TurkeyBaconIsOk

I plan to post my daily food diary each night  -click here. Plan to. #NotPromisingTo


* I will still have my one (BIG) cup of coffee each day with 2tbs lowfat half and half and a little sugar.