Leah Remini talks JLO, Dancing With The Stars and MORE!

Leah Remini and MeLeah Remini dished on everything from JLO to her “Dancing With The Stars” experience in a new interview with me, Jenny Hutt on my SiriusXM show “Just Jenny” airing Thursday, July 17. Remini, who stars in the new TLC show, “It’s All Relative” revealed lots of juicy tidbits in our revealing chat! Here’s a sneak peek of the exclusive interview! What’s a typical night out forLeah and best friend, Jennifer Lopez? [Read more...]

25 Things I Learned From My Mother

She was so pretty.

She was so pretty.

6 years ago today my mom died.
I’m trying to laugh today- instead of cry (not easy!)
because my mom liked when we laughed.
And she LOVED when we paid attention to her (sound familiar?!)

25 Things I learned from my mother

1. Cover soles of new shoes with scratch-less bottoms. Scuffed shoes look terrible when you cross your legs. 

2. Finger nails and toe nails must always be neat.

3. Chocolate is best eaten while you’re alone in a bathroom.

4. Pajamas are all-day-wear attire.

5. It is more important to make others feel good, than to feel good.

6. Generosity comes in many forms.

7. Give Give Give.

8. It is important to have an “everyday bag.” meaning one new bag for every new

9.”While I have my vanity, I have my sanity”

10. The Bed is an ideal place for meals.

11. Buy something new, give away something old.

12. Gray roots should never show.

13. Be kind to the people who help make you pretty.

14. Be kind to everyone…even morons (sometimes “except” morons).

15. Plastic surgery can be a hobby

16. The best diet is: fruits, vegetables, and cake.

17. Punishing your kid is ok but your punishing MY kid?! Watch out!

18. “69” is when a man and a woman kiss each other’s genitals. 

19. You can always undo bad behavior with a smile. Well, HER smile. 

20. A man should buy you jewelry but if you like something sparkly… buy it yourself! 
21. You can never have enough things that sparkle. 
22. Find your own style 
23. Home made chicken parmigian is breaded chicken cutlet with a deli slice of mozzarella half melted on top. 
24. Fresh baked goods should always be on the kitchen counter.
25. Family First.