omg, i am not in prep school and i still wear a uniform!

i am a grown up who chooses to wear different versions of the SAME thing every day.
it isn’t a lack of originality or a lack of style.. frankly the fact that i wear the same thing over and over again IS my style.

when i exercise, i wear hard tail boot cut leggings and typically an american apparel tank top  or  lululemon let it loose tank (or similarly shaped lululemon top as pictured) and always an american apparel raglan sweatshirt.

in the fall and winter i wear black milk clothing leggings  , vintage steve madden platform boots, and a not very tight black top (typically. sometimes i do vary the color on top).

in the spring and summer i wear maxi dresses- usually made by daughters of the revolution. (i’m obsessed with their butterfly dresses- have a bunch)

i think i derive comfort from the routine of wearing almost the same thing each day…one less thing for me to have to decide.

clearly i have issues.

do you have a clothing uniform you choose to wear?
what is it?