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“Mom, wife, lawyer, SIRIUSXM radio, internet & TV personality & host. Co-author of WHATEVERLAND. After picture. more doofus than diva.
No sex tape, yet”

Jennifer Koppelman Hutt always knew she would end up on radio, but she thought her singing voice would get her there.

Instead, she became the co-host of a popular drive-time radio talk show and an acclaimed television show: “Whatever with Alexis and Jennifer” (Sirius/XM), and “Whatever, Martha!”
Currently Jennifer is hosting “Just Jenny” on Sirius Xm Stars channel and co-hosting “Jon Hein TV show” on Sirius Xm Howard 101.

Her self-deprecating humor, honesty, and willingness to talk about everything – from grieving the loss of a parent, to transforming her body and spirit through healthy eating and exercise, to her obsessions with Hello Kitty and Pop-Tarts – has won her legions of loyal listeners/viewers since 2005.

Jenny Hutt highlights reel updated 4.2014


Check out Jenny’s Highlight video updated 4/2014 above.

8/26/13 – Jenny Hutt special correspondent on cbs OMG! insider talking to One Direction!

4/22/2013- Jenny Hutt on The Ricki Lake Show talking weight loss

4/22/2013- Jenny Hutt on HLN: Dr. Drew on Call: Is Jodi Arias Borderline Personality?

4/13/2013 – Jenny Hutt on CNN: Brook Baldwin’s Newsroom

3/26/2013 – Jenny Hutt on CNN: Brooke Baldwin’s Newsroom

3/16/2013- Jenny Hutt on CNN: Brooke Baldwin’s Newsroom –do men have it all?

3/16/2013 – Jenny Hutt on CNN: Brooke Baldwin’s Newsroom -gun control

3/18/2013 – CBS New York: Singer Jon Secada On the Couch

3/18/2013 – CBS New York:  Mobile Couch: The ABCs of Art History

3/18/2013 – CBS New York: Spring Fashion – the Latest Trends and Accessories

3/7/2013 – HLN Exclusive: Travis’ near-death Experience

3/20/2013 Joy Behar (Say Anything!): Are John Hamm’s Private Parts Distracting the Cast & Crew of Mad Men?

2/27/2013CNN Live : Buzzfeed Sports Editor calls for Gay ‘Jackie Robinson’

1/15/13 – Joy Behar (Say Anything!): NY Times rips new Guy Ferrari eatery – worst restaurant review of all time?

1/2/13 – Joy Behar (Say Anything!) : Justin Beiber paparazzos death – we love celebrity culture too much

12/19/12 – Better TV:  Holiday Segment featuring Jenny – Approach everyday situations during the holiday without stress

12/13/12Andersoon Cooper Live: Blogger of the Day

11/26/12 – Live from the Couch : How to Break up with a Friend

11/6/2012 – CBS New York:  Women and the Election

11/23/12 – The Today Show: Treadmill Segment featuring Jenny – Fitness Fun: How to make excercising a treat

9/25/12 – Dr. Drew/HLN : Shorter cardio workouts better for you

8/16/2012 – Better TV: More Sex for Parents Part 1  |  More Sex for Parents Part 2

7/30/2012 – NY 1: Summer Can Present Challenges for Young Girls’ Self-Esteem

iVillage: The Conversation Thread – Boob Job I.O.U.: Is This Okay?

iVillage: The Conversation Thread – Is Our Parenting Putting Our Kids in Therapy?

iVillage: The Conversation Thread – What’s forgivable? What’s Not?


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1/10/2013 – My Almost Married Life:  Biggest or Sorest Loser? with Jenny Hutt

11/19/2012 – Well + Good NYC: Refrigerator Look Book: Jenny Hutt

10/26/12 – The Times Union: Q&A with Jenny and weight loss/body image

10/18/12 – Good Day NY ( Segment with Jenny Hutt on weight loss

interview with byron beck: stardar report

Genesis Moments: Interview with Jennifer Koppelman Hutt of Whatever


Press Mentions:

3/13/2013: US Weekly Selena Gomez and James Franco Celebrate the Opening of “Spring Breakers”

2/27/12: NY Daily News – Taxi TV Ready for Tipoff

Audio interviews:

Family First: Jennifer Koppelman Hutt talks about her family and her new show, Whatever

Quoted in:

 11/15/2012: U.S. News & World Report:  Stay Fit Without Setting Foot in the Gym

10/26/2012: Lady Gaga, Kate Couric, Demi Lovato, & Jenny Hutt talk Body Image

9/4/12: Less Stress, Better Sex

8/1/12: 7 Ways to Draw out Foreplay

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