Tis’ the season to be jolly, stressed, & overwhelmed! Here are some gift ideas:

my awesome skull earrings come from Katherine Tess jewelry in Roslyn NY




My gift list is not super fancy but it is super fun!

And of course there are SO MANY more things I could add to it!
Here’s a start:

I love love love this Kindle paperwhite device. I did buy one. It rocks. If you’ve never had a kindle- now’s the time to get one for you and for ANYONE you love. We all need to read more. This device makes reading extra enjoyable.

The Amazon.com gift card is a great gift for teachers, one night of chanukah for your kids, or just great for practically everyone. They come in almost any dollar amount and can be emailed (or facebooked) immediately.

The Ipad Mini is a darling yet expensive gift. I think the Ipads are only worth buying with 3g capabilities.
I want one desperately but will NOT be buying one this year. Must spend on others!










You can also buy any Apple lover an apple gift card. They can be used to buy everything apple!

It was WAY awkward when I busted the creator of the “throwbee”  for calling into my show to promote her blanket/poncho. BUT even more awkward is how much I like it! (She sent one to me out of guilt).
If you liked the snuggie then you’ll LOVE the throwbee. Inexpensive and cozy. YUM.










If the gift recipient is into exercise- give either a gift card to a gym source for exercise accessories or equipment (depending on amount on gift card!) OR give a soul cycle membership… I LOVE LOVE LOVE soul cycle. GREAT workout.

If jewelry is one of the things you may be looking to buy for someone who matters, Jennifer Miller has EVERY price point and only GORGEOUS stuff.

I mean SO SO gorgeous and for $230 look FANCY!!












I saw really cute memory phone slippers at my local CVS for $10… I may buy those for my kids too.

The Mophie Juice Case for Iphones rock. They are cases with a built in battery. I am sure there is one being made for the Iphone 5 but for the 4/4s users…

Another great gift is Dr. David Colbert’s skin care line– YES it is a little pricey but WOW is it worth it. When I consistently use the line, my skin looks so much better.










If you have a teenage girl in your life or any girl/woman really here are two great gift ideas:

A bunch of twistbands!!! These hair ties and headbands are AMAZING! They make me a little giddy. (full disclosure- I use 4 hair ties/day for braids when I work out- so I really need them! LOVE!)








I saw this gift from red envelope on Jennifer Perillo’s instagram and think it is super cute!










I am a big fan of useful gifts- a gift card to the recipients favorite coffee place, a gift card to their salon, or 5 great hair blow outs!

We are all so super stressed- a service type gift can be a reminder to slow down!

Oh! if you’re a fan of my crazy pants…only place to get them is Black milk clothing. worship them.






For the person who has a sweet tooth (like me!!!) There is no yummier bakery nor kinder people than Sweet surrender in bakersfield california.
They will ship their delectables and I highly recommend the Matterhorn cake (and everything else!)










And if youre wanting to give a charitable gift AND meet me… charity buzz!

What are some of your gift ideas?


  1. says

    I’m so glad you got the kindle paperwhite! I knew you’d love it! I’m just finishing The Middlesteins. Very good read. I love that I can now read in bed without keeping the light on and disturbing my hubby. I don’t even want to bother with real books anymore.
    Twistbands are great too! Did you get any with the attached baubles? I’ve got the heart – so cute!
    As for gift ideas, a few instant lottery tickets are fun for a night of Hanukkah.

    • says

      yes! i got a twistband with the little skull. LOVE. and i am thrilled with kindle paperwhite for same reason. i liked the middlesteins. good book. read where’d you go bernadette- you will LOVE it.

  2. Rich says

    I think you forgot to add our friends at Sweet Surrender in Bakersfield! I am sending a Matterhorn Cake and Christmas cookies! For those on a budget homemade baked goods and jams. xo

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